June 18, 2020

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 This newsletter features updates on NFP and industry resources. If you have any questions, reach out to your NFP contact. 
 We will be relaunching this newsletter on July 2 with a new look and a biweekly cadence. Content will continue to address your challenges and opportunities in the current environment, including, but not limited to, those related to COVID-19. 
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Podcast Series

 Each episode of the Insights from the Experts podcast will showcase timely perspective from members of the NFP community, delivering information, analysis and solutions that help to address our clients’ most significant challenges. Share this podcast with clients and prospects to help them stay up to date on the latest in the industry. 
 This week:
Podcast Ep. 81 Innovation: Reducing Costs and Improving Lives with Interventional Orthopedics
 In our latest Insight from the Experts podcast, NFP's Head of Innovation, Mark Rieder, sits down with Jason Hellickson, CEO of Regenexx, to discuss their proprietary orthobiologic procedures that have created a new medical specialty platform called interventional orthopedics. This orthopedic healthcare innovation is less costly, less invasive and less risky than traditional orthopedic surgery.
Planned orthopedic surgery costs have increased 44% in eight years and are constantly in the top 10 of employer spend within their health plans. Interventional orthopedics can offer employees a choice and greatly reduce orthopedic spend on individual procedures that they choose a majority of the time.
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