June 18, 2020

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 Please read through the information below related to COVID-19. The latest information will be posted daily to the NFP.com Latest Insights page. If you have any questions, reach out to your NFP contact. 
 California AB5's Impact on Workers' Compensation Insurance » 
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 In our latest Insight from the Experts podcast, NFP's Head of Innovation, Mark Rieder, sits down with Jason Hellickson, CEO of Regenexx, to discuss their proprietary orthobiologic procedures that have created a new medical specialty platform called interventional orthopedics. This orthopedic healthcare innovation is less costly, less invasive and less risky than traditional orthopedic surgery.
Planned orthopedic surgery costs have increased 44% in eight years and are constantly in the top 10 of employer spend within their health plans. Interventional orthopedics can offer employees a choice and greatly reduce orthopedic spend on individual procedures that they choose a majority of the time.
 New Website “Pandemic of Love” Connects 132,000 People in Need of Aid with Those Who Can Help » 
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This information has been provided as an informational resource for NFP clients and business partners. It is intended to provide general guidance, and is not intended to address specific risk scenarios. Regarding insurance coverage questions, each specific policy must be reviewed in its entirety to determine the extent, if any, of coverage available for the impact of the Coronavirus. If you have questions, please reach out to your NFP contact.