May 28, 2020

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 We understand that uncertainty is stressful and that demand is high for information and insight. As developments related to COVID-19 continue to evolve, we are making every effort to keep you informed of the impact on the corporate benefits industry, provide guidance on actions to consider and offer tools you can use with your employees. 
 Please read through the information below related to COVID-19. The latest information will be posted daily to the Latest Insights page. If you have any questions, reach out to your NFP contact. 
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 Webinar recordings and a copy of the slides will be sent via email to call registrants and participants 4-6 hours after the webinar and will be posted to the Latest Insights page. They will also be included in the Corporate Benefits COVID-19 report emails sent every Friday. 
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 May 27: Paycheck Protection Program and Main Street Lending Program Webinar Part III » 
 In this episode, Suzanne Spradley and Chase Cannon revisit the single payer debate in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suzanne starts by exploring whether support for a single payer system in the US has waxed or waned during the pandemic. Chase and Suzanne then discuss articles from experts, and comparisons across different countries, regarding governmental versus private company response to the pandemic. Suzanne dives into the history behind US governmental stockpiles of protective gear and ventilators, and draws comparisons between the US and other countries in pandemic preparedness. Suzanne and Chase close with a review of presidential nominee Joe Biden’s views towards single payer system and how Congress’s potential Phase Four legislation might impact access to coverage. 
 10-Year-Old Girl Gives 1,500 Art Kits To Kids In Shelters And Foster Care During COVID » 
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This information has been provided as an informational resource for NFP clients and business partners. It is intended to provide general guidance, and is not intended to address specific risk scenarios. Regarding insurance coverage questions, each specific policy must be reviewed in its entirety to determine the extent, if any, of coverage available for the impact of the Coronavirus. If you have questions, please reach out to your NFP contact.