March 11, 2021

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 While the 2021 Virtual Well-Being Masterclass may be over, our focus and commitment to mental well-being is just beginning. If you’d like to see what we covered, review what you learned and see what’s next, check out our Mental Well-Being Fitness Center where you can find:
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 March Get Wise Wednesday – March 17, 2021 – Register Now » 
 In this episode, Chase Cannon and Suzanne Spradley look at recently published DOL guidance establishing new parameters relating to deadline suspensions for COBRA notices, elections and payments, HIPAA special enrollment elections, and appeals/claims filings. Chase outlines the background and examples on the DOL’s new approach to the one-year suspension period, which is now based on the individual’s or plan’s deadline itself (not a hard stop on February 28, 2021, as many had thought). Chase and Suzanne then dig into the newest federal COVID-19 relief bill that is through the House and with the Senate, focusing on potential COBRA subsidies that could create additional employer (and COBRA administrator) compliance obligations. 
 In this podcast, NFP’s John Deem, regional VP Benefits Compliance, and Lucia Fan, VP Corporate Benefits in Mid-Atlantic, dive into what Medicare is, the different types of Medicare plans, what each plan covers, and how to know what you're eligible for. This is a two-part podcast — look for Understanding Medicare Pt.2 to hear the rest of the deep dive. 
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