February 11, 2021

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 This newsletter contains updates on the latest NFP and industry resources related to the Corporate Benefits industry. 
 Trend Report Highlights: Well-Being 
 Well-Being with a Whole Person View

Investing in well-being resources demonstrates that you care for your employees and creates a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining top talent. But you need a strategy, informed by data and with key performance indicators ties to growth and profits. Committing to the spend is a start, but it doesn’t ensure success.

In our US Benefits Trend Report spotlight on Well-Being, Deb Smolensky, NFP’s Vice President of Well-Being and Engagement, highlights well-being trends and actionable insights that deliver the support employees want and need. Learn more in our new video, podcast and downloadable PDF.
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 In this episode, Suzanne Spradley and Chase Cannon look at new mental health parity requirements for plan sponsors under the recently-enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA of 2021, the most recent pandemic-related legislation, signed into law in December 2020). Suzanne outlines the new requirements in connection with current law (Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act — MHPAEA), and related enforcement. Suzanne and Chase discuss the details of the new requirements, the rapidly-approaching compliance date (February 10, 2021), the lack of specific guidance, and the challenges in working with vendors (including carriers and TPA/ASO providers) in gathering necessary information. 
 Trend Report Podcast Series Episode 5: Maximizing the Return on Your Well-Being Investment » 
 Companies have expanded their view of well-being and they’re investing in resources that improve the lives of their employees. The return on this investment – healthier, more productive employees, and an enhanced ability to attract and retain talent – depends on the well-being strategy. A plan that understands employee wants and needs, key trends, and the importance of effective communication is critical to achieving key objectives. Our latest trend report podcast provides expert insights for developing and executing the right plan.
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