Our three-part post-election webinar series has concluded. Thank you to those that were able to join. In case you missed it or would like a recap, all recordings from the presentations are now available to view below. You can get additional insights from our experts in our 2020 Election Podcast Series on Soundcloud. Continue to stay up-to-date on news and resources by visiting our website.

Looming Challenges and Emerging Opportunities


Tuesday, December 1
Admiral Stavridis, NFP board member and go-to expert on topics across the political and economic spectrum, will share his uniquely informed insights on the global landscape through the lens of the election results. He was the 16th Supreme Allied Commander of NATO and was vetted for vice president by Hillary Clinton and subsequently offered a cabinet post by the Trump administration. The Admiral’s comments will also include a near-term outlook and key factors to consider as 2021 approaches.

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The Impact on Your Business: Benefits, Retirement and P&C

Monday, December 7
NFP’s Suzanne Spradley will moderate a discussion with Scott Sinder and Kate Jensen from Steptoe on how the election outcome may affect how companies support their employees and protect their businesses. With many variables in play, the discussion will include guidance on actions and adjustments to consider to better position an organization for success. Areas of focus will include:

  • Potential executive orders in the first 100 days
  • What to expect from the US Senate in terms of healthcare legislation
    • Issues with bi-partisan support
    • Issues more likely to be addressed if Republicans have the majority
    • Issues more likely to be addressed if Democrats have the majority
  • Employment laws that may be impacted (specifically independent contractors)
  • Perspective following oral arguments in California v. Texas (the Supreme Court case involving the ACA’s individual mandate)
  • Updates on COVID-related stimulus relief
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Empowering Certainty with Sound Planning

Tuesday, December 8
Even after the election, uncertainty remains a formidable opponent. NFP’s Mike James along with Mike LaMena and Mike Delgass from NFP's Wealth Management division, Wealthspire will provide an update on wealth management and how sound planning – defined by clearly articulated goals, aligned action and disciplined execution – remains the most productive approach for individuals and families. Kristin Bulat from NFP's Life Insurance Divison and Armstrong Robinson from Finseca will discuss how the election outcome will affect life insurance planning. This webinar will include macro observations on the impact of the election and COVID-19 trends on the economy, jobs, healthcare and fiscal policy, as well as a discussion of specific opportunities, including:

  • Family legacy/estate planning
  • Business planning (key person, deferred comp, supplemental income)
  • Tax planning
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